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Don L. Anderson

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On falsification

Imre Lakatos

Post-orogenic unrooting and collapse in double suture systems: insights from the Western Dabie Orogen

Liming Dai, Sanzhong Li, Zhong-Hai Li, I. Somerville & Xiaochun Liu

Are Mantle Plumes Real?

Lecture delivered to the Durham Workshop on Realism & the Earth Sciences, 15-16 January, 2018

G.R. Foulger

The Catalogue of Icelandic Volcanoes

– an open-access web resource containing eruption histories of Icelandic volcanoes, their characteristics and hazards.

assembled by
Hetu Sheth

…with hundreds of beautiful geological photographs of of flood basalts on all scales.

OIB signatures in basin-related lithosphere-derived alkaline basalts from the Batain basin (Oman) – Constraints from 40Ar/39Ar ages and Nd-Sr-Pb-Hf isotopes

M. Witte, S. Jung, J.A. Pfänder, R.L. Romer, B. Mayer, D. Garbe-Schönberg

Multiple mantle sources of continental magmatism

V.S. Kamenetsky, R. Maas, M.B. Kamenetsky, G.M. Yaxley,K. Ehrig, G.F. Zellmer, I.N. Bindeman, A.V. Sobolev, D.V. Kuzmin, A.V, Ivanov, J. Woodhead, J.-G. Schilling

Westward migration of oceanic ridges and asymmetric upper mantle differentiation

F. Chalot-Prat, C. Doglioni & T. Falloon


Time correlation between the formation of dyke swarms and crustal extension stages in the Middle Paleozoic Vilyui rift basin, Siberian platform

O.P. Polyansky, A.V. Prokopiev, O.V. Koroleva, M.D. Tomshin, V.V. Reverdatto, A.Y. Selyatitsky, A.V. Travin &D.A. Vasiliev

A link between deglaciation and rifting of Cimmeria

J.G. Shellnutt & M.-W. Yeh

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“Contrary to received opinion a theory... is not normally rejected merely because it is falsified... falsifications and discovery of counter-examples and exceptions merely spur one on to greater ingenuity... in modifying the theory to accommodate the nuisance...”

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Dear WM, You may be interested in the following thought-provoking passage commenting on the collegiality of some eminent historical scientists–Bruce Julian

"Unlike Fermat, Descartes gave the impression that he was often uninformed of what others had done before him; at least he only rarely mentioned the work of anybody else in his writings. And when he did, it was often in the most unpleasant manner one could imagine: at various times in his life he called his critics "two or three flies," "less than a rational animal," "a little dog," and "extremely contemptible." The actual works of others were often rejected in incredibly offensive language, e.g., as being fit only for use as "toilet paper" or, in the case of Fermat, as being "shit."–Paul J. Nahin"

Dear WM, I send you two working papers (Paper 1, Paper 2) that describe new types of information on poorly known trace elements and their variations along the Iceland-Reykjanes Ridge region. The interpretations have been challenging. The data are available on the EarthChem Library and PeTDB for anyone to use and/or further interpret. Please solicit comments on our papers on your Mantle Plume website.–Jean-Guy Schilling