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Yu Wang, I. Ukstins Peate, Zhaohua Luo, Shuzhi Wang, Lilu Cheng, Jinhua Hao & Ye Wang

36th International Geological Congress

2-8 March, 2020, Delhi, India

Special Session for LIPeans:

Theme 16, Session 1:
Large Igneous Provinces and their Plumbing Systems

Special Session: AGU Fall Meeting
San Francisco, 9-13 December, 2019

T38: North Atlantic Cenozoic Realm and Analogous Regions: New Advances in Understanding

A.M. Hofmeister & E.M. Criss

Topical Session in Honor of Warren B. Hamilton

Unconventional Ideas and Outrageous Hypotheses

G.R. Foulger, K. Howard & D.M. Jurdy

Memorial to Warren B. Hamilton, 1925-2018

L.C. Hamilton, G.R. Foulger, S.R. Hamilton, K.A. Howard & S.A. Stein

Ying Zhou

Mid-Lithospheric Discontinuity and a new hypothesis for oceanic plateau genesis

Zhensheng (Jason) Wang, T.M. Kusky & F.A. Capitanio

Control of pre-rift lithospheric structure on the architecture and evolution of continental rifts: insights from the Main Ethiopian Rift, East Africa

G. Corti, P. Molin, A. Sembroni, I.D. Bastow & D. Keir

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Museo Universitario di Scienze della Terra

Earth Sciences University Museum, Univ. Rome

It is well-known that time-progressive volcanic trails are considered by many to be diagnostic of fixed mantle plumes, and that non-time progression is not considered to weigh against the plume hypothesis, but time progression in the opposite direction from that expected???? (Sinton, C. W., F. Hauff, K. Hoernle, and R. Werner (2018), Age progressive volcanism opposite Nazca plate motion: Insights from seamounts on the northeastern margin of the Galapagos Platform, Lithos, 310-311, 342-354.)

Dear WM, The first of the five spaces of the Museo Universitario di Scienze della Terra (MUST: the new Earth Sciences University Museum) opens May 19th, 2018, part of the European Night of the Museums. The exhibition "Earth: What a surprise!" launches the Atrium as a multifunctional area that will host congresses, workshops, exhibitions and cultural events. It will comprise the first step on the road to opening the largest Italian museum dedicated to Earth Sciences. More than 150,000 samples of minerals, rocks and fossils, rare scientific instruments, ancient books and thematic maps will soon be on display in a space  larger than 4000 m2. We invite you to the MUST Atrium! You will find surprises about our planet’s history, the resources we use, the hazards and risks caused by its dynamic state, and the magic of new discoveries!

For information, please email

Michele Lustrino, Director Earth Science Museum, Univ. Rome