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22-25 October, 2017, Seattle, USA

Session T240: Structure and Evolution of the North Atlantic-Arctic Realm

Conveners: Christian Schiffer, Gillian R. Foulger, Randell Stephenson, Fiona Darbyshire & Hans Thybo

Details to be released soon

Heterogeneous source components of intraplate basalts from eastern China from ongoing Pacific slab subduction

Huan Chen, Qun-Ke Xia, J. Ingrin, E. Deloule, Yao Bi

Water-driven generation of picritic melts in the Middle to Late Triassic Stuhini arc, Stikine terrane, British Columbia, Canada

D. Milidragovic, J.B. Chapman, S. Bichlmaier, D. Canil & A. Zagorevski

May 20-25, 2017, Chiba-city, 261-0023, Japan

Session S-IT21: Do Plumes Exist?

Conveners: Hidehisa Mashima, Gillian R. Foulger, Dapeng Zhao


DEADLINE: February 16th, 2017

A plumeless supercontinent has more panache

J. Ganne

The Easter Island – Sala y Gomez Volcanic Chain

L.J. Milligan, A. Metcalf, L.K. Brooks, D. Scholtz, L.J. Scott, G.R. Foulger, D.F. Naar, J.H. Natland & E. Bonatti

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Check out this online name directory for features on the sea floor

A primer on olivine control-line modelling

M. Lustrino

High water content in primitive continental flood basalts

Qun-Ke Xia, Yao Bi, Pei Li, Wei Tian, Xun Wei, Han-Lin Chen

(More than) fifty shades of plumes

M. Lustrino

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“A theory which is not refutable by any conceivable event is non-scientific. Irrefutability is not a virtue of a theory (as some people think) but a vice.”

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People, including scientists, may be fundamentally wired up to resist allowing facts to change their mindsGillian R. Foulger
The new webpage by Chen et al. describes more geochemical/ petrological evidence that, in order to have OIB-like magma, the source must contain recycled material, not hot or very deep sources.–Michele Lustrino

I concur with Milidragovic et al. that water plays and important if not principal role in generation of high-Mg mafic and ultramafic melts. I think water is important not only in arc settings, but also flood basalts could not be generataed without this agent.–Alexei Ivanov

Manuel Curzi, University of Rome, provides the results of a natural laboratory experiment to demonstrate the development of plumes…

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Check out the Wikipedia Talk:Mantle plume controversy page and add your three ha'pence worth–or 10¢ if you work in bucks.–Gillian R. Foulger
Dear WM, A new gravity map shows thousands more of seamounts, mostly not in linear chains, as summarized in this news article. The great majority of seamounts are scattered across the oceans in independent groups and individual volcanoes. They are not part of linear volcanic chains, and we should note that magmas of most seamount volcanoes appear to be similar and must form the same way. This fact does not support the wildly generalized models in which intraplate volcanoes are created by narrow, deep mantle plumes. Instead, we must develop models that link lithospheric structures to linear volcanic chains where such exist, and also allow most volcanoes to form as individual features, all in a common origin from the upper mantle.–Greg McHone
Dear WM, in the recent paper by Courtillot & Fluteau, the 59th plume type is defined–the "killer plume".–Michele Lustrino